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Overboard (2018)

August 09, 2018

Overboard, a romantic comedy by Rob Greenberg is a remake of the classic movie of the same name in the 1980s where the lead characters were played by Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Unlike its prequel, which was quite funny and smooth, overboard 2018 is failed to impress its viewers on a larger scale.30 year’s back, the story revolved around a man who takes advantage of a woman and in the latest version, the characters have been shifted.
Overboard is a story of a woman who is a single mom of three young daughters, sweet younger, adorable middle and a demanding and teasing teenager. Kate, the character played by Anna Faris delivers pizzas and clean carpets. She is also studying to be a nurse and has already failed once due to the lack of time and space to concentrate on her studies. She occasionally takes help from her mother to look after her young girls. The situation gets more complicated and tense for her when her mother moved to someplace else to follow her own dreams yet leaving her daughter all on her own.
Then one day, Kate shows up at the mighty yacht of Leonardo, the character played by Mexican star Eugenio Derbez to clean carpets. She was overwhelmed by the grandeur and the beauty of the yacht and the luxurious life of Leonardo, who is the filthy rich heir of Mexican industries. He is a spoiled brat though who only used to hang out with girls and spent his time having sex and drinking. He is an alcoholic and humiliates Kate by describing that she is too pretty to be a carpet cleaning lady. In another scene, Leonardo asks kate to bring him mangoes, she refuses and tells him that it’s not her job. In response, Leonardo gets infuriated and throws her in the ocean along with her carpet cleaning equipment. The tragedy occurs as she found out that she owes $3000 to the carpet cleaning company as the expensive equipment has been ruined by the water.
Later on, one night, Leonardo himself fell in the ocean while trying to find condoms and ended up on the beach with amnesia. Kate makes a plan with her best friend Theresa (played by Eva Longoria) and brings him home to take revenge for what he had done to her. Leonardo cooks, clean and looks after her kids, thinking of them as his own. Kate also forces him to do a tough construction job and feed her family.
Overall, overboard is entertaining as well as unrealistic at some points like who brings a total stranger to her home while you have three young daughters living with you? As far as acting is concerned, Eugenio Derbez tried his best to impress his fans in Hollywood by making 10 different facial gestures while he looks old for the character he was playing. On the other hand, Anna Faris, who had a better on set chemistry with Allison Jenney while playing “Mom” barely, gets a chance to showcase her complete acting skills. Her big moments only comes when she admits of her lies and apologizes. The final verdict is that you must give this movie a considerable watch as it is light and pleasing.