Ready Player One (2018) |

Ready Player One (2018)

August 09, 2018

This movie was absolutely everything that I had hoped that it would be. I do not think that I could have asked for more. Being a huge nerd, avid video gamer and movie lover, plus extreme book reader I couldn’t wait to see this movie when it came out. We went to the theaters and I even pre-orderd the BLU-Ray because I loved it so much. The concept of the story was great, and I know there were a lot of people saying that they had hoped for much more, but what were you looking for out of a video game movie? It had the Final Fantasy/Sword Art Online feel to it that I loved from the games and the shows/movies, and even the plot of the whole movie reminded me of Sword Art Online a bit. I really liked the fact that that the characters could be anyone they wanted to be and I loved that they connected the real World characters to their in game character. Did not think that the movie could have gone any better at all.
The characters were all awesome in this movie and thought that Ty Sheridan and Olivia Cooke made wonderful main characters. Was absolutely thrilled when I found out that Hannah John-Kamen was one of the bad guys following the and trying to stop them. She makes a wonderful villain and is pretty much awesome! I must say that Spielberg really hit the nail on the head with this particular movie and it is what I have been waiting for. There are so many video games that have been turned into movies, it is finally nice to see a video game movie that is not based off of a game. I was surprised when I read some of the reviews for this movie. It was definitely the science fiction, fantasy adventure that I was hoping to see on the screen.
Even the concept of this movie was interesting, and they did not hold back on the crazy stuff. There were no severely bloody or gory moments, there is limited cursing and the sexual innuendos are mild at best. I definitely would not have a problem letting my kids watch this movie. Having said that I will say that it was less of an adult movie but was still adult enough to be enjoyable. The CGI in the movie was pretty awesome and the video game racing, the video game bad guy and the main goal to the game were all well done and great factors in this movie. There were plenty of moments where I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat hoping that the main characters were going to come out on top.
The movie even has some interesting reveal moments that are foreshadowed in the very beginning of the movie, and they do well with playing on this reveal moment through the movie all the way to the end. I do not think that a director or writer could have done a better job at all with these moments and they made me want to watch the movie over again. My hopes had been extremely high for this movie and all of my hopes were met in full. It was extremely enjoyable and entertaining the whole time, without the boring middle lull that most movies normally have. It was long enough to make me feel like I had gotten what I paid for, but no so long that I was wishing I had been doing something else or felt like I needed to stretch. I was very straight to the point and forward and the whole concept of the movie was great!
The only thing that I thought could have been any better was that they could have picked a more loathable man for the villain, not that he wasn’t great because he was, but I found myself liking him for a moment, and you’re not supposed to like the villain. All in all, the movie was great, the video games and iconic movie characters that the movie showed was awesome and I loved getting super excited about trying to pick out all of the characters that I recognized.